“Cassette Tape”—NFT and the rise and fall of technology

“Cassette Tape” is the latest release by Park Taezoo in “To The Digital”.
While the interface is a physical display in the gallery, the main concept of the work is NFT – data traded online in virtual currency.

Through the description of this work, I would like to look back at the past, look at the present, and think about the attitude we should take in the future.

Cassette Tape

Cassette tapes store sound waves as magnetic changes. In the work, this cassette tape, a representative of analog technology, is turned into digital data and continues to rotate as a silent image.

The retro feel, toy-like cuteness, and colorful pop of the late 20th century resonate with the recent quiet revival of cassette tapes.

Hello NFT, I’ve experienced the rise and fall and every nostalgic label I’ve acquired, and of course I’d join your world. You’re young, you’re full of hope, and in your heart you know you’re in crysis, but it’s okay. Popularity and reputation are things that come and go, but our intrinsic value remains the same.

As if to say such a thing, this is a work of art with plenty of room, humor, and charm at its own pace without being flirtatious.


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is one of the units that make up the blockchain, a cryptographic technology that is resistant to data tampering.

This highly reliable cryptography has made it possible for anyone to buy and sell digital data as well as virtual currencies.

The works that are published and traded using NFT are called NFT art. This includes not only graphics, but also long- and short-form videos, music, and various other digitizable items.

To be fair, blockchain might be uncertain for most people.

If you’re interested in art, you may have a passing familiarity with the NFT. If you like asset management or new technology, you understand it well and support this technology.

What NFT Opens Up

From the perspective of humanity’s artistic expression, NFT is definitely an advancement that should be greeted with pomp and celebration.

The unfortunate digital graphics that have been consumed by the masses by “right-clicking,” “long-pressing,” and “dragging and dropping” have now been given due credit, reward, and earning potential.

There is an untold amount of art that would not have been created without it, and many artists who would not have expressed themselves without it.

It also opened up new possibilities for existing artists. It is a place where you can present your work directly. In some cases, legitimate royalties are paid for resale.

“Now I don’t have to be harassed anymore,” said one artist. There is nothing more powerful for anyone than to reclaim their independence.

Perspectives from the Future

Here is where I would like to go to the future in my imagination and reflect on the present.

Blockchain is a newly added branch of the money game.

It has gone through a frenzy as a new technology with the potential for tremendous profits, and has been criticized for its negative impact on the environment due to the tremendous amount of power consumed by the servers that mine and monitor bitcoins.

It will not suddenly collapse completely one day, and people in the near future will accept the technology into their lives while slightly scoffing at the mayhem of the past.

It seems to me that the present creators  owe it to explain why NFT.

It could be called justification or reasoning. Because we are not only talking to ourselves, but also to our former audience.

There needs to be a stage where we can confirm to each other that new expression is not a betrayal of the past, whether it is by eye contact or by a grand presentation.

But if you’re a young fellow who’s not out in the world yet, you’ll be on your way once you’re old enough to have enough virtual currency to issue an NFT.

How do we deal with technology?

We adults will learn not to become dinosaurs who don’t have a map and don’t know how to walk when many people take that road for granted. While having the will to decide for ourselves which road to walk.

Cassette Tape is a reliable senior who is ahead of us in this process.
Isn’t that cool?
If you’ve seen a lot of things and been to a lot of places, you know where you belong.
You don’t have to rush to stay a major player.

Technology is actually not that mean, and it is always friendly to humans.
That is the message from Taezoo Park.

Nattie Kaneko, Director of PAGIC Gallery

Cassette Tape (NFT)

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Cassette Tape (NFT)

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