Taezoo Park exhibition “To The Digital”

10-15 Fri.ー10-31 Sun., 2021

PAGIC Gallery is pleased to present “To The Digital,” the first solo exhibition in Tokyo by New York-based artist Taezoo Park.
With digital technology, Park attempts to visualize what we made, what we missed, what we abandoned, and where we are heading to.
Calling his work “Digital Being,” he has been presenting mechanical creatures that exist as matter, giving energy-consuming, sensor-responsive dynamics to technology that repeatedly develops and decays as it evolves. As a contemporary artist who incorporates technology, he has been acclaimed in the New York art scene, including a long-term exhibition at the World Trade Center.
In this exhibition, you will be able to intuitively communicate with Digital Beings, who are rich in individuality, from the early works to the new works, and enjoy an experience that goes beyond viewing. 

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