Masaharu Shin Exhibition “On the repulsive force generated when skin touches skin”

08-27 Sat. —09-19 Mon/Holiday, 2022
Closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Tuesday 09-06

From a physics perspective, there is always a force of repulsion when different objects come into contact with each other.
The fabrics used in Shin’s work are collected through various routes and represent something between the artist himself and others.
Contemplating contemporary art is something that Shin cannot separate from himself, and he expresses this by daring to combine his work with staging that evokes a water feature at the center of the living environment.

This exhibition is a continuation of the solo exhibition of the same title held last year, which evolved from “Emotional Nostalgia for Broken Things.
By tuning in to the “cuteness” of Shin’s works, such as their human imperfection and their experientially “small” size, the ideal is to make the viewer feel no distance between them and the art as much as they come into contact with it.