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Momo Hoshitani

Born in 1989 in Osaka, Japan
Graduated from Kyoto Saga Art College in 2009

Raised in a family where her parents were two different types of painters, Hoshitani’s work is highly polished in miniature drawing techniques, but she does not limit herself to these.
The first thing that catches the eye of Hoshitani’s paintings is the bold color composition of oil pastels and acrylic paint. The playful use of lines and colors is sensitive and optimistic yet harmonizes with the gracefully widened margins to show how cheerful our lives are.

Secondly, the pencil miniatures that capture the wrinkles, moles, and even the frowns of people’s expressions are even more captivating.It loves and affirms that unfiltered people are human, with both beauty and flaws.

Preferring natural texture, Hoshitani often uses paper as a support and sometimes cuts it out or sticks it together to create depth and rhythm. The world created in these works is even musical.


Solo exhibition ”lit” | PAGIC Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

UNKNOWN ASIA EXTRA 2021 | Osaka, Tokyo
FM802/COCOLO 2021 Calendar | Illustration for June

Rojiura Shokudo Machunaga | Mural for restraint & shop card artwork
unyu | Logo artwork
JFFplus | Illustoration for WEB site

Rurban Liner Notes2 | CD artwork

Solo exhibition “BIO2″|MI gallery, Osaka, Japan

SUMMER SONIC OSAKA | Live paint   
Aka Marche | MI gallery award

Solo exhibition “BIO” |Dohjidai Gallery of Art,Kyoto, Japan