Momo Hoshitani exhibition “lit”

01-14 Fri. — 01-30 Sun. 02-06 Sun., 2022

PAGIC Gallery is pleased to announce “lit” Momo Hoshitani’s solo exhibition. 
Hoshitani’s paintings are based on the theme of “living is feeling.”

The title of this exhibition, “lit,” used to have the meaning of “drunk” as well as “great” and “fun” in these days in slang. As it suggests, Hoshitani takes a positive view of the way people live and weave their lives, and she has created this exhibition with the aim of making people feel a lot of “fun.

Hoshitani, who was raised in a family where her parents were two different types of painters, has highly polished her miniature drawing skills, but she is not limited to that.

The lines and colors of her oil pastels and acrylic paints are sensitive and optimistic, yet they harmonize with the gracefully widened margins to show how cheerful our lives are.

Next, I am drawn to the pencil miniatures that capture the wrinkles, moles, and even frowns of people’s expressions. Hoshitani celebrates and affirms that unfiltered humanity is humanity, with both beauty and flaws.

Preferring natural texture, Hoshitani often uses paper as a support, sometimes cutting it out or stretching it together to create depth and rhythm. The world created in these works is even musical.

We hope you will enjoy Mono Hoshitani’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo and her new works.

*Extended exhibition period
*Closed on Wednesday and Thursday
*The artist will be in the gallery on Sunday, January 30.

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[EXTENDED] Momo Hoshitani’s exhibition “lit” – until Sunday, February 6

Due to popular demand, we have extended the exhibition “lit”, a solo exhibition by Momo Hoshitani, which was scheduled to end on Sunday, January 30, until Sunday, February 6. We hope that those of you who could not make it to the exhibition will be able to stop by. Also, Momo Hoshitani will be in … Continue reading