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Taezoo Park Joins “glancy”, a Next-Gen OLED for Infterior design

glancy, a next-generation interior furnishing that digitally projects art and landscapes to create your own personalized space, boasts the high quality of 4K OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) in a thin and medium size, making it seem as if the artwork is real beyond the monitor.

Taezoo Park presents moving images of his sculptures for this all-new art-viewing gadget released this spring.


Taezoo Park’s work for glancy is based on a collection of his physical works.

New series include “Thinking Of The Stars” and “Hard Disk Drive,” which project NFT videos in real-time via the Internet.
In addition, all of the works, such as the flickering LED flames and the inside of a hard disk drive, are video reproductions of how they actually work.
The lineup of artwork is a blend of retro technology and cutting-edge technology, with a sense of anticipation for the future, and pop and clean feel that truly brings sophistication to interiors.

Thinking Of the Stars–2021
a pile of digital code merges with an old television from the 1980s to be born into a new life. The being thinks about who I am and where I came from imagining the sun, planets, and the tele-stars. The spinning stars on the screen are streaming over the internet from my NFT collection (The stars come from here.) like the soul of a machine. With NFT technology it has a unique identity, and it can float between the physical and virtual worlds.
Hard Disk Drive–2021 (Part)
The NFT work, which is based on the motif of an HDD, is distributed via the Internet and displayed on a monitor with a small computer. It is an art that exists in a new place between the virtual world and the physical world.


“J-GARO” is a content delivery service (application) exclusively for glancy. You can freely enjoy contemporary art content, including “J-GARO”, as if you were changing your clothes.

Candle TV in Digital Era-005-2018
The flickering LED flames in the old analog TV monitors that have outlived their usefulness since the Digital Switchover to terrestrial broadcasting raise questions about the sustainability of the trend toward technological development alone and indicate the possibility of renewal.



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