hin exhibition “Deep Paper”

12-03 Fri. ー 12-21 Tue., 2021

hin is a painter who uses an original technique called “virtual spray,” in which she hand-paints shapes that resembles spray drops, like pixels.
In her paintings, she attempts to apply the “abstraction of information” that occurs in the conversion from analog to digital to dealing with the excessive amount of information in digital society itself.
In this exhibition, hin presents the ambiguity and fascination of the boundary between the three-dimensional world and the contemporary world, where the flat Internet screen has become a window to reality.
In addition, hin has updated her expression to lead to emotional and conceptual processing and understanding through her work. The stylized methods of sprays and dots, and the landscapes depicted as safe zones protected from the outside world, are clearly intended to function as therapy.

*Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays

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