Miki Tomii Solo Exhibiton “AONOSEKAI”

02-18 sat—03-12 sun, 2023

  • Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays
    (Exception: Open on Thursday/Holiday 23, instead of Tuesday 21 closing)
  • Close at 6:00 p.m. on the last day

Tomii’s artworks were created by the bargaining of ‘temperature,’ ‘time,’ and ‘gravity’ using clay and glass.
They fundamentally contain the strength of nature and life, a profound serenity, and a gentleness that universally connects to them all.

Her experimental approach, in which she constantly repeats “reaction” and “transformation” in pursuit of a form suitable for her own expression, is her specialty. By diverting hand building, she aims to express the intimacy of different materials, clay and glass. She explores the ambiguity of erosion and boundary in the world woven by the different materials.

The process of removing a work of art buried in pure white talc powder from the kiln, where the temperature has been lowered over time, is like that of budding crystals carefully dug out from a field of snow. It forms delicate colors and shapes.
Tomii adds a mineral attraction to the glass, seeking a method to interact with the glass itself.

Miki Tomii | 冨井弥樹

Born in Yamagata Pref., 1997.
Graduated from Akita Public University of Arts, Course of Creative Manufacturing Design.
Completed a master’s degree in glass art at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2022.
Currently working as a trainee at the Seto City New Century Crafts Museum.
Instagram @miki.tomii