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hin solo exhibition “inner jewel”

10-01 Sat.—10-23 Sun., 2022

*Closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Tuesday, 10-11

PAGIC Gallery is pleased to announce hin’s second solo exhibition at the gallery.
HIN tries to bring humanism into balance by harmonizing with nature in this show.
In other words, it is returning to our original place by remembering ourselves as belonging to nature.
Her works have various meanings: intention and contingency, consciousness and unconsciousness, jokes and truth, and balance of mind, head, and body.
From one perspective, the blooming flowers in the paintings symbolize life; wish to dedicate them while the people you love are still around.

One day I was on the train, coming up with a phrase, “I wanna collect many jewels in my mind.” And I was happy with it.That was the moment of getting healed by my word flowing out from myself